The situation we find ourselves in is challenging the way we think about ourselves, as individuals as well as a (local and global) community. We stilll lack most of the aswers, and the ones we do find, seem to challenge us yet again in a new and different way. Pursuing our everlasting mission, we devote ourselves to our territory and, given the exceptional circumstances, have decided to embrace a new mission, one of support and solidarity. That's why our art gallery has dressed up for the occasion, and become PUTIA heart gallery,, in order to start a fundraising in favour of the G.Giglio Hospital in Cefalù (an excellent facility recently identified as a COVID Hospital) and also in favor of the Madonna dell’Alto Hospital in Petralia Sottana.

The artists who work with PUTIA have generously donated some of their artworks, that you will find here at 50% of their original value, for anybody who chooses to make a donation to one of the two hospitals above mentioned (info below). Therefore, in order to reserve one or more artworks, you will have to send an email to us at with the following information:

  • Selected artwork;
  • First name, Last name and shipping address
  • Phone number

Once we have verified that the artwork has not yet been booked, you can carry on with the donation (the amount of which has to be at least equivalent to the artwork's value) and then send us the payment receipt (a screenshot or an email will suffice).

We repeat that: the donation is to be made directly at the hospital of your choice (below a list of all the necessary info to do so) and we only need a proof of the donation

The artworks will be delivered or shipped at the re-opening of our art gallery. For further info: or by phone +39 351 900 2555.

Our hearty thanks go to all our artists for supporting the fundraising. They, more than anybody else, deserve the credit for this initiative:

  • Stefania Arcieri
  • Andrea Buglisi
  • Vera Carollo
  • Stefania Cordone
  • Michele Di Donato
  • Alessandro Di Giugno
  • Denico Di Stefano
  • Mauro Filippi
  • Simone Geraci
  • Lorenzo Mattone
  • Valentina Minutella
  • Maurizio Pometti
  • Linda Randazzo
  • Luca Savettiere
  • Igor Scalisi Palminteri
  • Angela Sottile
  • Antonio Sunseri
  • Giuseppe Vassallo


List of the artworks