Putìa: [pu-tì-a] s.f. (pl. putìe). from lat. Apotheca.

Historically, a Putìa was a small shop where one could find all sorts of goods, even food, or a workshop used by local artisans. Today, PUTIA ∙ Sicilian creativity is a project that aims at creating a web of selected "Made in Sicily" artisans and artists, focusing on quality and specificity and promoting their marketing potential.


A meticulous selection, based on a careful evaluation of the concept of "tipicality" (which is not to be meant as a stereotype) and proceeds by employing traditional Sicilian material: ceramic, lava stone, coral, local woods, etc, overall favouring a tradition that not only appears as contemporary as it is ancient, but proves capable of speaking a timeless language.


Our format includes a parallel selection, dedicated to contemporary art. PUTIA art gallery carefully chooses and promotes young artists of the Sicilian artistic scenery, favouring a natural and instinctive approach, that goes beyond the traditional "Art system2".

Keywords in PUTIA

design / critical consumption / identity / creativity / innovation / sustainability / tradition / marketing / network